Some stories become legends.

Design That Connects

Award winning and experienced at making graphics that connect with consumers and customers and help tell the story. As a creative team, Mark and Kelly have been at it for a long time. They can be trusted. Their work is targeted and emotional. We agree with Thomas J. Watson:

Good Design Is Good Business.
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Brand Introduction

How a new product or brand company is introduced and promoted has a lot to do with how and if it will grow. Brand success is not a given. It takes an organized process. It requires the right materials, the right leadership and the right emotions to
get the product to sell.

Laux has experience with introducing products and developing all the support materials necessary to offer the product every chance at becoming a legend.

What makes us different as an agency is, we have worked with thousands of restaurants and have made almost that many sales calls with distributor sales representatives. So rather than being in an office somewhere, we’ve been in the field.

Taking It To Market

A brand must make an impression if it is to be successful.

Simply put, boring brands are quickly forgotten. Laux is very good at creating connections, and not being boring.

Having said that, you should be aware, we are not a corporate company. We are quick, responsive, creative, but not layered. And we do not hold anything back. So if you are looking for a dog in the back window bobbing its head up and down, that’s not us and you may want to keep looking.

We will give you what you asked for. But if we can improve on your request, that’s what we will do. We will push hard to make you better. But we will also do everything in our power to make you successful, even if we think our way may have been better.


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